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This is a very well written piece. I think the key thing to remember is that Argentina is just in a terrible economically and politically. As you talked about, its inflation is just completely nuts, and some radical changes to need to happen to its economy to stablize its currency; dollarization is a pretty good option imo. However, I think it's a little unfornuate that an "anarcho-capitalist" is the only one that is willing to do it. Strict idealogues are generally bad news for a country, and anyone who considers themselves an "anarcho" anything should be keep as far away from power as possible. Argentina is essentially forced to choose between that and more of the same 'Peronist' economics that has rotted their economy.

Hey, maybe Millei will embrace pragmatism and suprise me, or otherwise be constrained in his efforts to implement by Argentina's political system. Maybe he even has the magic fix to Argentina's woes. But as for now, I'm not looking forward to Argentina's next election.

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Thanks. That's an excellent point. Again, it was done for slightly different reason, namely to join the Euro area versus because the local country had 200% inflation or something. But very good point. Thanks and thanks for reading

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I don't even think it sounds crazy from a European perspective. There's already half a dozen European countries that have adopted EUR without being EU members.

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